Companions to CAPS is a resource that allows students to have companion walk with them to Counseling and Psychological Services at UNC Campus Health Services if they feel uncomfortable doing it on their own.  It is not a professional psychological service, and students should not treat it as such.We can also chat with people who want more information about CAPS. We are simply here to help fellow students during a vulnerable time. All walking companions are Mental Health First Aid Certified.

Please take the following survey, so that we can match you with a walking companion:

Meet Our Walkers


John Galapon

John is a first-year student, and he is majoring in Psychology (BS). In his spare time, he draws cartoons and submit comics to the Daily Tar Heel. “I want to become a walker in order to give support to those who are affected by mental health problems, and just need someone to talk to or hear them out.”

Cherise McManus

Cherise is a student in the accelerated nursing program at UNC graduating in May 2019. Cherise is passionate about helping others with a speciality in mental health and women’s health. Among her skill set is patience, caring and listening, knowledge of these skills are some of the reasons why Cherise wants to be a CAPS Companion Walker. Outside of school, Cherise enjoys spending time with her two best friends, parents, five siblings, volunteering and playing video games.

Mary Luong

Mary is an undecided first year who’s interested in computer science. She is interested in being a CAPS walker because she cares about the mental health of the people in my community and  wants to be able to encourage and support anyone who makes the brave choice of going to CAPS.  “I know it can be daunting after all, and a program like this could help keep a lot of people from backing out of seeking help after they’ve decided that they need it.”


Kerry Glendon

Kerry is a junior majoring in Psychology.  Some of her favorite organizations on campus include Alpha Phi Omega and Best Buddies. In her free time, she love to take naps and to watch an excessive amount of TV. She is in love with Game of Thrones and Westworld. However, she also like to watch crime shows and HGTV when I am looking for something less serious. “I want to be a companion to CAPS walker because I have been to CAPS myself and I understand how nerve wracking it can be to go for the first time. I want to be able to help others to get through this difficult experience and to get the help that they need.” 

Blythe Turner

Blythe is a sophomore at UNC. “I am a mental health advocate and friend and have battled many personal experiences including deaths of close friends to mental illness as well as my own battles. I would love to talk and answer questions or just listen!”