UNC Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

3rd Floor of James A. Taylor (Campus Health) Building, 320 Emergency Room Drive
CAPS Frequently Asked Questions and Myths

CAPS is located on the 3rd floor of the Taylor Campus Health Building, and is open from:

9 AM – 12 PM & 1 – 4 PM Monday through Thursday
9:30 AM – 12 PM & 1 – 4 PM on Fridays

Your first visit does not require any appointment! You’ll complete an initial questionnaire on a tablet and meet with one of CAPS’s mental health professionals for about 15 minutes to discuss what brought you in and questions/concerns about CAPS. Then you’ll create a plan that fits your needs. This may include short-term therapy through CAPS (up to around 6 or 8 hour-long sessions) or referral to a long-term counselor or psychiatrist here in Chapel Hill.

CAPS also offers group skills classes on topics like anxiety and meditation that are open to anyone.

Companions to CAPS

Companions to CAPS is a resource that allows students to have someone walk with them to CAPS if they feel uncomfortable doing so on their own.  While it’s not a professional psychological service, we’re here to support your decision to seek help and are happy to answer questions or provide more information about CAPS and Campus Health. All walking companions are Mental Health First Aid Certified.

Fill out our form to be matched with a walker!