Get Rethink: Psychiatric Illness Trained

At the Rethink: Psychiatric Illness Training, 30 students and community members break away from societal stigma to learn the basics about mental illness, become aware of the statistics and prevalence of mental illnesses in our state and on our campus, debunk myths, learn what we can do to help ourselves or a friend in need, familiarize ourselves with the resources available on campus, and understand the specific actions we can take to act as advocates.

Throughout dynamic activities which include role playing, a trivia game, crossing lines, and a talk where a UNC student shares his or her personal experience with mental illness, participants become empowered and learn how they can do their part to empower others.rethink

Get Embody Carolina Trained

Get trained and learn to serve as a compassionate and effective ally to those struggling with eating disorders. Embody trainings include content that can be emotionally difficult and potentially triggering. A professional from the Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders is on hand at every training to handle participants’ needs. We ask that you honor yourself and your needs throughout the training.